Lauréline Guérin zebuline @peopledoc Saint Pierre De Frugie, France

zebuline/django-formwizard 2

A rewrite of django's formwizard with pluggable storages

zebuline/django-jsonfield 2

Reusable JSONField() for Django

zebuline/pyes 2

Python connector for ElasticSearch

zebuline/django-pagination 1

A set of utilities for creating robust pagination tools throughout a django application.

zebuline/django-sorting 1

Like ericflo's django pagination, but this one does the sorting! used with ericflo's pagination, displaying tabular paginated and sortable data is very easy!

mrjmad/ 0

zebuline/cutplace 0

validate data stored in CSV, PRN, ODS or Excel files

zebuline/django-confit 0

Django settings loaders and validators, with local flavor

zebuline/django-dirtyfields 0

Tracking dirty fields on a Django model

zebuline/django-perf-rec 0

Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.


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fork magopian/

Le site public de l'Incubateur de Services Numériques de l'État

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created repositoryewjoachim/docker-vault-cli

Docker image for vault-cli

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created repositorywo0dyn/wo0dyn

My own repo

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fork ewjoachim/MechanicalSoup

A Python library for automating interaction with websites.

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created repositoryewjoachim/pokefight

A showcase web application

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fork ewjoachim/weather

A simple CLI to know whether it is going to rain today

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created repositoryewjoachim/teams-clipboard

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created repositoryewjoachim/randompilates

Display a random pilates position from a poster

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created repositoryewjoachim/test_a

test repo, ignore this

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created repositorypeopledoc/django-postgres-hot-upgrade

Django app that resets django.contrib.postgres caches that stores postgres extensions OIDs

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