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make deno xx.ts --fmt print output to stdout

For most users, the use case will be to just run it on files? Wouldn't it make more sense to make the default user-friendly by making --write default and then make a flag to print it to stdout like --stdout so editors and such can use it.


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issue openedslorber/react-native-scroll-into-view

Checking if the element is already in view?

Use case:

There is a fixed button on bototm of the screen that scrolls into a View when pressed on. However, I want to hide that button if the element has already been scrolled to manually. Is there a way to see if my element is already at the current scroll position?

My code:

    <View> {/* MyElement */}
<FloatingButton hidden={/* I want to check here if MyElement is already scrolled to}>Scroll to View</FloatingButton>


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issue openeddooboolab/react-native-iap

How to make iOS UI similar to Android experience?

Version of react-native-iap


Version of react-native


Platforms you faced the error (IOS or Android or both?)


Expected behavior

I was hoping the UI would look nice like Android. Something like this:


or something like react-native-payments:


Actual behavior

It currently only shows an Alert when you call the method to buy a product.

Tested environment (Emulator? Real Device?)

Real device

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Call buyProduct or buySubscription on iOS

Thanks very much for this library.

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issue commentatom/xray

Is it dead?

It seems the last commit for memo was Feb 11 as well:


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issue commentdenoland/deno

Req/Sec benchmark is missing `node_http`

Oh I see looking forward to seeing with new design. If I understand correctly node_http is referring to node in the graph? Thanks, and feel free to close this.


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issue openeddenoland/deno

Req/Sec benchmark is missing `node_http`

The req/sec benchmark mentions that:

deno is a fake http server that doesn't parse HTTP. It is comparable to node_tcp . deno_net_http is a web server written in TypeScript. It is comparable to node_http . hyper is a Rust HTTP server and represents an upper bound.

I was confused by the "deno_net_http is a web server written in TypeScript. It is comparable to node_http." line. There doesn't seem to be a node_http in the graph, so what are we supposed to be comparing deno_net_http with?

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issue commentfacebook/create-react-app

Can't use named exports for TypeScript types?

@ianschmitz Yes that works, I mentioned in the first comment that this way would work. I just think it's problematic that a certain style of coding is not allowed and is not mentioned anywhere


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issue commentfacebook/create-react-app

Can't use named exports for TypeScript types?

Hmm, do you think this could be better documented in the (create-react-app typescript docs]( One of the notes say:

You are allowed to edit the generated TypeScript configuration.

Which doesn't exactly seem to be the case as the isolatedModules: true seems to be enforced in the config?

Also, it mentions:

Note: Constant enums and namespaces are not supported.

But I guess the export style I mentioned is another limitation. I can't be the only one who uses the export { Type } style at the bottom of the file over export interface Type {}, so do you all think it might be a good idea to mention it there?


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issue openedfacebook/create-react-app

Can't use named exports for TypeScript types?


Is this a bug report?


Did you try recovering your dependencies?

Not relevant.

Which terms did you search for in User Guide?

Not relevant


System: OS: macOS 10.14.2 CPU: x64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4980HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz Binaries: Node: 8.12.0 - ~/.nvm/versions/node/v8.12.0/bin/node Yarn: 1.5.1 - /usr/local/bin/yarn npm: 6.4.1 - ~/.nvm/versions/node/v8.12.0/bin/npm Browsers: Chrome: 72.0.3626.119 Firefox: 65.0 Safari: 12.0.2 npmPackages: react: ^16.8.3 => 16.8.3 react-dom: ^16.8.3 => 16.8.3 react-scripts: 2.1.5 => 2.1.5 npmGlobalPackages: create-react-app: 2.1.5

Steps to Reproduce

  1. create-react-app --typescript example
  2. Create a file in src called types.ts
  3. Add the following code to types.ts:
interface Person {
  name: string
  age: number

export { Person }

Expected Behavior

This should be fine.

Actual Behavior

Failed to compile.

Type error: Cannot re-export a type when the '--isolatedModules' flag is provided.  TS1205

    4 | }
    5 |
  > 6 | export { Person }
      |          ^
    7 |

I can't remove the --isolatedModules flag because create-react-app seems to put it back in automatically when it compiles. Is there really no way to fix this issue other than having to use export interface X and export interface Y everywhere instead of export { X, Y }?

Reproducible Demo

I can make one if necessary, but its basically just a new app with an exported type.

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issue commentVSCodeVim/Vim

List keyboard navigation broken in VS Code 1.31.0

Yep, this is really annoying as a VIM user who is used to using j or k to move up/down. Is there any way to disable this new filtering feature for now until there is a way to handle this?


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issue commentexpo/expo

SDK 32 TypeScript errors

Any chance anyone has a minimal boilerplate for using TypeScript with Expo 32? The only boilerplate that I've seen seems to have the babel.config.jsfile removed but I'd like to keep it so that I can keep using react-native-dotenv. Would be greatly appreciated!


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