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yuta yuta0801 Tokyo, Japan I love JavaScript, definitely not TypeScript

remotion-dev/remotion 8272

🎥 Create videos programmatically in React

hamukazu/lets-get-arrested 3799

This project is intended to protest against the police in Japan

reiwa/flitz 21

The Feed App Boilerplate - built on Blitz.js

BlackListener/BlackListener-v1 9

Global Banning System for Discord.

yuta0801/arrows 4

Push the limits of Arrow Function

acrylic-style/bot-framework 3

Acrylic Style's bot framework powered by Discord.js

chun37/discrap 2

discord を scrape して scrap を create する

yuta0801/calendar 2

Discord Calendar Bot

acrylic-style/ServerRanker 1

A Discord Bot.