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AdmitHub/meteor-buildpack-horse 660

Heroku buildpack for Meteor v1.0+. The horse one.

mitmedialab/django-channels-presence 71

"Rooms" and "Presence" for django-channels

yourcelf/afgexplorer 48

Django site for searching and browsing Wikileaks' Afghan War Diaries

yourcelf/btb 13

Codebase that powers Between the Bars, a blogging platform for people in prison. Splitting/parsing/publishing PDFs, managing paper correspondence.

jingoro/coop-directory 4

Housing Co-op Directory for North America

mitmedialab/jitsi-meet-server 3

Experimental Vagrant/Salt configuration for automatically deploying a Jitsi Meet video server

yourcelf/bleach-allowlist 3

Curated lists of tags and attributes for sanitizing html