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yoshinorim/mha4mysql-manager 1220

Development tree of Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL (MHA), Manager part

yoshinorim/mha4mysql-node 337

Development tree of Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL (MHA), Node (MySQL Server) part

yoshinorim/quickstack 221

A tool to take call stack traces with minimal overheads

yoshinorim/MySlowTranCapture 118

A tool to print MySQL transactions that take more than <n> milliseconds

yoshinorim/replication-booster-for-mysql 71

A Tool for Prefetching MySQL Slave Relay Logs, to make SQL Thread faster

yoshinorim/unmap_mysql_logs 23

Unmapping mysql log files (InnoDB log files, binary logs, relay logs) from Linux filesystem cache to allocate memory space for mysqld

yoshinorim/MySQL-MasterHA-Node 4

Repository URL changed to

yoshinorim/memcbench 3

Simple multi-threaded memcached benchmarking script, primarily for testing InnoDB-memcached plugin

yoshinorim/MySQL-MasterHA-Manager 3

Repository URL changed to

yoshinorim/Exercise2 2

Just for testing

issue commentfacebook/mysql-5.6

Running a large sysbench prepare against facebook/mysql-5.6 causes it to OOM

I commented on the jira bug report. I believe they run with rocksdb_wal_recovery_mode=1, and 2 should open database consistently.


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issue commentfacebook/mysql-5.6

How do you measure effectiveness of column family?

Rev column family is effective if you have lots of use cases of scanning just the index (e.g. full index scan, covering index) and benefit is approximately 15%. For join queries, relative benefits are smaller because of point lookup costs are equally expensive.


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