ablot/Pinceau 0

Model for the ephaptic inhibition paper

ylzang/biophys_optimize 0

Optimization of single-cell biophysically detailed models

ylzang/bjitter 0

Matlab code for "Spike-centered jitter can mistake temporal structure", Platkiewicz, Stark, Amarasingham, Neural Computation, 2017, 29(3):783-803.

ylzang/brainstorm3 0

Brainstorm software: MEG, EEG, fNIRS, ECoG, sEEG and electrophysiology

ylzang/buzcode 0

Code for internal lab sharing - polishing has started but is by no means complete

ylzang/Data-Driven-Estimation 0

Neural model state and parameter estimation from data (Karoly et al 2018)

ylzang/elephant 0

Elephant is the Electrophysiology Analysis Toolkit

ylzang/funpsy 0

FUNctional magnetic resonance imaging Phase SYnchronization