Jeremy Ruten yjerem @7shifts Saskatoon, Canada warmthness

yjerem/estate 15

creates a static html archive that mixes external links with internal mirroring

yjerem/crocodoc 4

a simple Ruby wrapper for Crocodoc's web API

yjerem/cykas 4

a Bitcoin offline wallet

yjerem/EbFFA 4

a musical plaything, a melodious calculator from the stranded gull underneath it all

yjerem/pencil-tracer 4

traces execution of JavaScript and CoffeeScript programs

yjerem/CABbAGE 2

a Ruby DSL for making songs in the midi format

yjerem/git-campfire-hook 2

Making a better git post-receive Campfire hook.

yjerem/bloopsaphone 1

arcade sounds and chiptunes for ruby and c

yjerem/endertromb 1

In-game Ruby prompt for Minecraft.!

yjerem/gzg 1

simple textfile syncing, using git + gzip + gpg + scp (in that order)


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