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Baron is a Bitcoin payment processor that anyone can deploy

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Bitcoin Challenges, Meetups and Services, Exchange, Giveaways, Tipping, Ethereum, Counterparty, Dogeparty, ChangeTip, Tokens, Skype Groups, Lists, Projects, Sidechains, Maidsafe, CoinFactory, Git, Open Source, Incubator, Mastercoin, DAC, DAO, Bitshares, BitcoinX, Open-Transactions, Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins

slickage/adness 9

Ad Auction System

atulagrwl/InstantMirror 4

For more information about the project, visit

ElementsProject/elements-assets-exchange-demo 4

OTC-style exchange based on atomic swaps using Elements and confidential assets

slickage/baron-demo 4

Interactive Demo of JSON syntax to create a Baron invoice.

DRockstar/android_kernel_epic4g_gb_official 3

Official Gingerbread Kernel for SPH-D700 (Epic4G)

slickage/heckler 3

Basic notification engine for e-mail and SMS

slickage/epochtalk 2

Forum software reloaded.

wtogami/bitcoin 2

Bitcoin integration/staging tree

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Warren Togami

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DRAFT v0.1

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VPN NAT Service Forwarding HOWTO

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