williamdxz Santa Clara Developer Community Manager

AgoraIO-Community/OpenAgoraWeb-React 84

Video Call App built with :heart:Agora SDK:heart: and React

AgoraIO-Community/AvatAR 6

The project aims to build a playground/plugin which developers can use to define gestures within video calls. For ex. Ability to add VFX like Doctor Strange making those golden circles, Thor lightning up with electricity flowing through him, even do sign language(not finger level fidelity)/human pose detection for a variety of tasks, all within the browser be it on PC or mobile using TensorFlow for ML+AR & Agora to do the video-chat heavy lifting.

AgoraIO-Community/Dapper-Stream 1

Building smart classes

AgoraIO-Community/Daily-Standup 0

Empowering remote teams

AgoraIO-Community/ 0

A real time streaming application for live events (sport games, music festivals, etc)

AgoraIO-Community/LiveCase 0

Live support for Saleaforce Cases

AgoraIO-Community/savvy-eye 0

a customer support video chat app with sentiment analysis