Jeff Weiss weissjeffm Durham, NC USA

weissjeffm/gdax-bot 10

Cryptocurrency trading bot for coinbase's GDAX exchange

weissjeffm/clojure.prxml 5

clojure 1.3 compatible version of clojure.prxml

weissjeffm/emacs.d 3

my emacs dotfiles

weissjeffm/fn.trace 3

An extension of clojure.contrib.trace

weissjeffm/ 3

Automated tests for katello

weissjeffm/error.handler 2

Error handling for clojure that goes beyond try/catch

weissjeffm/ldtp-server 2

An xmlrpc server that drives GTK UI

weissjeffm/biostat 1

Some little scripts to do statistical calculations

weissjeffm/ 1

JavaScript Client-Side Bitcoin Wallet Generator

weissjeffm/bugzilla.checker 1

A lightweight clojure library to check if bugzilla bugs are fixed yet or not