hughsk/uglifyify 345

A browserify transform which minifies your code using UglifyJS2

weilu/bitcoinjs-adventure 18

bitcoinjs-lib workshop

sayanee/company-admin 5

Filling annual returns (through ACRA) and tax (through IRAS) for Singapore based small company

weilu/bitcoin-tx-graph-visualizer 3

Visualize bitcoin transactions using d3.js

weilu/BT5152 2

Tutorial exercises for NUS module BT5152 (AY2018/19 semester 1)

hone/heroku-hive-deploy 1

Heroku plugin for deploying hive.js

tgerring/bitcoinjs-lib 1

Bitcoin-related functions implemented in pure JavaScript

weilu/bdd_nodechat 1

Reimplementing node.js chat example in CoffeeScript BDD style using jasmine

weilu/bigint-browserify 1


weilu/BlogTheme 1

The theme for my blog

issue commentMimino666/langdetect

Korean is incorrectly detected, with way too much confidence

Having the same issue of Chinese being detected as Korean (e.g. "要素替代弹性, 价格加成对劳动收入份额的影响研究"). Also, there are cases where English is detected as Italian (e.g. "A novel comprehensive statistical model for spontaneous synaptic quantal release"). Happens sometimes depending on the seed.

I tried polyglot but had trouble compiling the native dependency libicu (icu4c using brew on macos) so I ended up using fasttext with a pretrained model. The results look much more reliable than what langdetect provides – at least the above two cases are correctly detected.


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pull request commentweilu/towardmit

Some updates and image scrapping

Thank you and you can email me at for any questions on application and the program :)


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commit sha bde4b00622a2e772753c3bb15033974d891d7913

Update the screaper and add image scraping - Update the sections to be scraped (new version od edx has different class name for section links) - Added graded class to subsection accordion to scrape only finger exercises, homeworks and exams (graded sections) - Add scraper for images in exercises (the images are saved in the out/images folder and the src attribute is changed to point to local images folder, I did this to mantain everything local independent from the server). - Add comments to the courses array

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commit sha 748c92daf426a67acca79dde01b069eee4515b18

add required package for image scrapping

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commit sha 018cbf39c04713c539e26196d9d59ff02c1257d7

Modify the readme - Added another method to obtain the header needed (cookie) to be placed in the file - Added instruction for editing the courses array inside the file

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commit sha 19a26e3aa1d503e02607e6901a9e8074301faefc

modify the line to be more friendly with the new instructions on the file

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commit sha 6249c5726897ddaeb725b890c9cd08d470f49408

Add try…except to image request to avoid crashing when image is not retrieved from the same location in the server

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Wei Lu

commit sha 1178f03d14edb065942b5abab1c9b76dbfa91e35

Merge pull request #2 from JuanLoLuna/master Some updates and image scrapping

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PR merged weilu/towardmit

Some updates and image scrapping

Hi Wei Lu,

First of all, thank you for making this awesome script. It will be very valuable for us to take the proctored exam soon.

I made some update changes to the script to be used by the 2020 DEDP micro master students. If you accept these changes I can share it again in the forum to be used by all of us.

I also want to congratulate you on being accepted in the 2020 cohort, and I was wondering if I could make you some questions about your journey to get there, I'm working really hard to follow your steps and some advice would be invaluable to me.

Again, thank you very much!

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pull request commentweilu/towardmit

Some updates and image scrapping

I trust that you've tested and executed the updated code successfully.


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