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learnk8s/kubernetes-production-best-practices 485

A checklist of Kubernetes best practices to help you release to production

learnk8s/knote-js 46

Code for the Knote course with Node.js

learnk8s/advanced-networking 6

"Advanced networking - Pod networking and CNI plugins" course resources

learnk8s/autoscaling 6

Example code for the Autoscaling module in the Learnk8s Academy

learnk8s/authentication 4

Kubernetes LDAP authentication with the Webhook Token authentication plugin

weibeld/AndroidDialogFragmentExample 4

Example usage of DialogFragment in Android

weibeld/Algorithms 1

Code from the book "Algorithms, 4th Edition" by Robert Sedgewick

weibeld/AndroidAccRSSLog 1

Android app for logging accelerometer data and received signal strength simultaneously

weibeld/AndroidDeals 1

Android app for creating and redeeming deals


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issue openedlearnk8s/kubernetes-production-best-practices

Clarify "Liveness probes values aren't the same as the Readiness"

In Liveness probes values aren't the same as the Readiness:

  • The title suggests "values"
  • The text body speaks about "endpoint":

When Liveness and Readiness probes are pointing to the same endpoint, the effects of the probes are combined.

I think the title is correct, and the task body should be updated to reflect that it's generally fine to have the same endpoint called from liveness and readiness probes, as long as the values are different (and those for liveness are more tolerant than those for readiness).

Referenced article Liveness probes are dangerous:

if you use Liveness Probe, don’t set the same specification for Liveness and Readiness Probe

  • you can use a Liveness Probe with the same health check, but a higher failureThreshold (e.g. mark as not-ready after 3 attempts and fail Liveness Probe after 10 attempts)

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issue openedweibeld/heroku-buildpack-graphviz

new support heroku-20

I tried to upgrade Heroku-20, but Graphviz doesn't support this, it's failed.

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fork camenduru/heroku-buildpack-run

Run custom commands during the build of a Heroku app

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pull request commentweibeld/terraform-aws-kubeadm

Kubeadm on Autoscaling Groups.

My bad. I meant to use my fork as upstream. Anyway, I leave this here to see if you are interested.


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pull request commentlearnk8s/kubernetes-production-best-practices

Stateful best practices



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issue commentweibeld/k1s

Feature requests

cool project!


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issue commentweibeld/k1s

Feature requests

-o wide/--output wide support might be nice. Currently k1s - nodes doesn't show IP Addresses or k8s version info.


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issue commentlearnk8s/kubernetes-production-best-practices

which is the repo's license?

Ping on this... While it is nice that you rank high on google, it would also be nice to have a high quality repo behind it. Think of getting the Linux Foundation CII Badge:


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fork nmhung/coil

Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.

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