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Wade Dorrell waded @rationalagents Boise, Idaho Founder @rationalagents, gardener, minimalist. Formerly health analytics SaaS architect, Microsoft PM, ProClarity dev/UX

rationalagents/gemstateio-groups 3

Listing of Idaho tech groups and their events, once used by to do more than just list

waded/boise-weather 1

Weather data for northwest Boise, with visualization

waded/jorts 1

jorts: Number short-scaling for JavaScript

waded/new-tab-zero 1

A Chrome/Edge extension that removes all distractions on new tabs

waded/red-squiggly-braces 1

Microsoft Word spell-check for software, programming, computer science terms

rationalagents/timesquared-data1 0

timesquared experiment 1

waded/azure-iot-arduino 0

Azure IoT library for the Arduino

waded/azure-iot-starter-kits 0

Samples for Azure IoT starter kits.

waded/AzureMonitorCommunity 0

An open repo for Azure Monitor queries, workbooks, alerts and more


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