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Feature Request: Split chat and audio functionality

Somewhat, the main Mumble server would tell the client to connect to the other server for chat only as specified in the config. To be fair I would much rather the ability to embed a webpage or other chat entirely in Mumble because currently Mumble chat is not very robust in its current state with the lack of embedding (video or images) or permanence where if you're not on the chat is gone.


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Split chat and audio functionality

Hello, would it be possible in the future to optionally split the mumble chat and voice functionality via the config to either a separate service entirely such as riot or steam chat, a website link such as the steam chat mobile option, or at the very least offload the murmur chat to another server? I have a low latency server that has a good uptime with a high bandwidth cost that currently handles both the chat and voice and would much rather implement the ability to have all chat go through my low cost/not always stable server especially in regards to images. This would also allow permanent chats that can be scrolled through even when not logged on and potentially also allowing animated images depending on the service. Thank you for your consideration

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