Kelly McDonald w4kpm Open Academic Port Republic, VA

penk/SlateKit 113

Open Source Tablet UX Building Kit

w4kpm/cappuccino 1

Web Application Framework in JavaScript and Objective-J

w4kpm/Javascript-Collider 1

A Web Browser with a RESTful interface to facilitate Javascript Development

w4kpm/stm32f429-discovery-chibios-pppos 1

just a dump of a sample project that connects to pppd - largely based on the one that wizhippo did here on github

sartography/SpiffWorkflow 0

A powerful workflow engine implemented in pure Python

w4kpm/ArduinoGravity 0

Arduino gravity experiment

w4kpm/c3 0

A D3-based reusable chart library

w4kpm/CartPoleEx 0

Updated version of the AIGym CartPole - This allows a full rotation of the pole, multiple force values and only stops when the cart goes off the side, not when it falls down.

w4kpm/cl-gtk2 0

Common Lisp binding for Gtk+