Viktor Jančík vjancik Czech Republic

vjancik/education 3

Anything and everything I have coded and felt like sharing.

vjancik/code-foo-2013 0

Contest submission implemented in Java

vjancik/IFJ15 0

C++ subset compiler written in C

vjancik/mio_playground 0

Implementing a timed event runtime using mio

vjancik/MLClass 0

Assignments I completed from a Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng

vjancik/ProgrammingAssignment2 0

Repository for Programming Assignment 2 for R Programming on Coursera

vjancik/rust_socket_benchmark 0

Exhaustive Rust UDP socket benchmark from multiple libraries (std, socket2, nix, futures, tokio)

vjancik/sample_app 0

Sample Rails application from the Ruby on Rails tutorial