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Viktor Karpov vitkarpov @amzn UK Fond of designing a program and providing convincing evidence that the program computes its function correctly.

NikolayRys/Likely 382

The social sharing buttons that aren’t shabby

Glazomer/sorts 2

Trying to implement all possible sorting algorithms

Phillie19/Tasks 1

This repository contains solved problems given me by @vitkarpov. Each folder name coincide with the problem number from from

vitkarpov/ask-me 1

:mortar_board: Ask me about JavaScript, programming and technologies (anything actually)

GrishinAnton/algorithms 0

Задачи по алгоритмам и структурам данных.

NickMitin/floxim 0

Floxim is free PHP CMS with inplace editing

push eventdevvad/webpractic-pizza-test

Viktor Karpov

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$ doesn't work on Windows

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push eventdevvad/webpractic-pizza-test

Viktor Karpov

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Development tools

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create barnchvitkarpov/mesto-e2e-tests

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created repositoryvitkarpov/mesto-e2e-tests

End-to-end tests for Yandex.Praktikum Mesto app

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pull request commentavito-tech/mi-backend-trainee-assignment

Fix a typo

Nobody cares, closing.


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