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Vinkesh Banka vinkesh Thoughtworks Bangalore , India

Bahmni/emr-functional-tests 3

emr functional tests

Bahmni/bahmni-docker-old 2

DEPRECATED - This repository contains the relevant docker configuration for setting up Bahmni

Bahmni/bahmni-java-utils 2

This repository has various functional utilities needed by bahmni.

Bahmni/bahmni-reports 1

Reports web application for the Bahmni project

Bahmni/clojure_test_datasetup 1

Setup and Tear Down test data sets for integration tests in clojure

Bahmni/jss-config 1

[DEPRECATED - Moved to JSS GitHub organization ( JSS Hospital specific configuration, scripts and data.

Bahmni/openerp-atomfeed-service 1

Independent Atom feed client and server interface for OpenERP. Deployed as a single webapp.

Bahmni/openmrs-data 1

Demo OpenMRS data for Bahmni.

Bahmni/openmrs-distro-bahmni 1

Generates distro for bahmni