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Do The Right eXtraction (Python 3 fork. I think it works, but still a work in progress)

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Graph-based programming for JavaScript [deprecated - was kind of a strange idea]

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Use readline shortcuts on macOS (like ctrl-b to go back one letter) while editing answers and questions on StackOverflow. Still working as of Nov 2019.

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solutions to Advent of Code 2018

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Mirror of the apt git repository

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Removes unused imports and unused variables as reported by pyflakes

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The official repository for Babel, the Python Internationalization Library

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Chrome browser extension that replaces the word "blockchain" with the phrase "multiple copies of a giant Excel spreadsheet."

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The repository for the book Futures Explained in 200 lines of Rust

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🍺 The missing package manager for macOS (or Linux)


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A dynamic language inspired by Python and E.

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issue commentdjango-parler/django-parler

Problem passing language code to foreign key

Hi @crstian

I was facing the same issue from last 2 days Today I was found the solution for this problem

I think Method-2 will best suit for you

Let me try to explain how set language is working in django

When you try to query using language():

queryA = ModelA.objects.language("de").get(pk=1)

This will work only for specified model i.e ModelA

We can also set language manually using set_current_language as you mentioned

queryB = ModelB.objects.get(pk=1)

We have to somehow inform django application to use language for that session or thread

Now Let's see how can change django language

There are 2 ways that I found

1st Method

We can use combination of django locale middleware and i18_url_pattern


#in (project urls not app urls)
urlpatterns += i18n_patterns(
    url(r'^api/', include('backend_api.urls')),

Now when you access any api/url http://localhost:8080/en/api/<path> this will set language for your current session/thread. After this on querying data from models you will get translated data for that language i.e en

2nd Method (I used this)

We can translation module available in by django.utils Method available in translation module are

with translation.override('fr'):
    print(_("Hello")) # <= will be translated inside the with block

translation.activate('fr') # <= will change the language for the whole thread.
# You then have to manually "restore" the language with another activate()
translation.activate('en') # <= change languages manually

In this case url pattern used is http://localhost:8080/api/<path>?lang=en and then will activate this language for that session

I hope you find this useful



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