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Stephan Kirsten vebis Dresden, Germany

janLo/jetbrains-plugin-downloader 3

Mirror jetbrains plugins for offline environments

vebis/trigger-proxy 1

trigger-proxy is used to map git repository / branch tuples to job names on Jenkins. Especially, but not exclusive for multibranch pipeline projects. This is useful to have commit hook triggered builds on pipelines without direct git association in Jenkins.

vebis/datadomain-recovery 0

EMC DataDomain recovery from full /ddr partition

vebis/docker-hausmeister 0

A janitor service for docker to delete old unused images. This is especially useful, but not limited to cluster systems like Kubernetes.

vebis/thanos 0

Highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities. CNCF Sandbox project.


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fork janLo/click

Python composable command line interface toolkit

fork in 24 days

fork janLo/asciicast2gif

Generate GIF animations from asciicasts (asciinema recordings)

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fork janLo/spacedeck-open

Spacedeck, a web based, real time, collaborative whiteboard application with rich media support

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created repositoryafett/format

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