Vitor De Mario vdemario São Paulo, Brazil

vdemario/oficina-git 4

Oficina básica de git

vdemario/talks 2

Talks and presentations

vdemario/CloudForest 1

Ensembles of decision trees in go/golang.

vdemario/dokuwiki-docker 1

Image with DokuWiki & lighttpd based on Miroslav Prasil's mprasil/dokuwiki image on

vdemario/dotfiles 1

Config files

vdemario/2017-talks 0

Slides and links for 2017 talks

vdemario/admission-curriculum 0

This repository holds the content required for the admission process.

vdemario/bolt 0

A low-level key/value database for Go.

vdemario/bwag 0

Material provided by Jeremy Saenz (@CodeGangsta): Source Code for the Free Online Book Building Web Apps in Go.


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I found a few very minor typos on the documentation.

Other than that it's really well written and easy to understand, congrats.

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