vasimv/StmSmoke 28

Open-source (GPL) STM32F373C8T6 based vaping mod, up to 140W, to use with LiPo 2S 500 mAh

vasimv/ard-smoke 14

Vaping mod based on arduino pro mini with thermocontrol and other functions

vasimv/OMower 10

SDK for open-source open-hardware 2/4 wheels robots platform

vasimv/rtkzedf9p 10

Simple utility to enable internal RTK mode in Ublox ZED-F9P GPS receiver with RTKLIB-compatible output

vasimv/esp-sensors 9

ESP-8266 based sensors platform for MQTT

vasimv/StmDimmer-4ch 3

4-channel dimmer on STM32F030

vasimv/OMower_ROS 2

Support programs for ROS mode for OMower

vasimv/MyRangeTag 1

Firmware for inroom navigation with arduino + DWM1000 radiotags