Vanesa vanesa Sourcegraph San Francisco Mom, engineer @sourcegraph, uses @wakatime. I ♥️ @womenwhogo, @wwgberlin, #opensource. Travel-crazy Germanized Dominican 🇩🇪🇩🇴 living in 🇺🇸.

vanesa/kid-o 29

Kid-O App helps children's aid Orgs keep an overview of their children.

lsif/ 3

vanesa/corotos-pet-finder 2

Scrape Corotos marketplace for a specific pet and get notified by text message when that pet is posted

sourcegraph/sourcegraph-sentry 1

Sourcegraph Sentry extension renders "View logs on Sentry" links next to error handling code.

vanesa/interviewcake 1

Python solutions for interviewcake code challenges

vanesa/alertmanager 0

Prometheus Alertmanager

vanesa/calculator-1 0

Hackbright exercise calculator 1

vanesa/calculator-2 0

Hackbright Calculator 2 Exercise