Ulrik Sandberg ulsa Jayway, @jayway Skåne, Sweden

owickstrom/twitter-kinesis-lab 20

A lab on how to use Amazon Kinesis for finding popular hashtags.

owickstrom/sqsd-local 6

A local version of sqsd, the daemon in Elastic Beanstalk's Worker Environments.

ulsa/cljvaadin 5

Sample Vaadin web app using Clojure

ulsa/auth0-demo 4

Simple Clojure authentication example for Auth0, using Buddy.

owickstrom/gameoflife 3

Conway's Game Of Life, written in ClojureScript.

kobmic/serverless-rps-lab 2

lab: serverless rps with AWS Lambda, API Gateway

ulsa/99-clojure-exercises 1

C-99: Ninety-Nine Clojure Problems

ulsa/cfperm 1

Generate IaM policies for your CloudFormation template

ulsa/clj-webdriver 1

Clojure tools for using the Selenium-WebDriver library

fork josf/quill

Quill is a modern WYSIWYG editor built for compatibility and extensibility.

fork in 2 months

fork josf/reagent

A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

fork in 2 months

fork josf/kafka

Mirror of Apache Kafka

fork in 3 months