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Tiago Melo tspmelo LetsGetChecked

tspmelo/ceph-github-helper 2

ceph github helper

GoneToGet/GTG-Books 1

Simple application that scans the ISBN from books and fetches its prices

jecluis/dot-files 1

dot files

rjfd/vagrant-deepsea-centos 0

Vagrant configuration for running DeepSea in CentOS

tspmelo/angular 0

One framework. Mobile & desktop.

tspmelo/angular-appinsights 0

An Angular module for using Microsoft's Application Insights within a SPA

tspmelo/ceph 0

Ceph is a distributed object, block, and file storage platform

issue commentnrwl/nx

parallel settings in nx.json aren't respected

This is happening again in nx@12.8.0.


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