tschaei/vscode-markdeep 1

Side-by-side view of rendered Markdeep output

tschaei/angular-meteor 0

Combining the simplicity and power of AngularJS and Meteor

tschaei/ash 0

Vulkan bindings for Rust

tschaei/content 0

Official content for Harvard CS109

tschaei/deprecated-binaryninja-python 0

Deprecated Binary Ninja prototype written in Python

tschaei/glfw 0

GLFW bindings for Nim

tschaei/libgdx 0

Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

tschaei/markdeep 0

📝 Markdeep

tschaei/nim-glfw 0

A GLFW 3.x interface for Nim

tschaei/tobj_viewer 0

A very simple Wavefront OBJ viewer using tobj and glium

PR opened asvetliakov/vscode-neovim

fix <C-w>w & <C-w><C-w>

I was wondering why <C-w><C-w> wasn't working in the extension and stumpled upon these duplicate definitions for <C-w>w & <C-w><C-w> for the same modes respectively.

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fix <C-w>w & <C-w><C-w>

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VSCode Neovim integration

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