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tsathishkumar/MySController-rs 16

Controller for MySensors, exposes WoT APIs for the sensors. It supports OTA firmware updates, and also acts as proxy for all requests.

tsathishkumar/indoor_location_tracker 6

Firmware for ESP32 to track location in Indoor settings using BLE Beacons

nsriram/MemoryGame 2

LeapJS MemoryGame For Kids

praveenag/SAPAS 1

Commit Visualiser

tsathishkumar/csvdiff-rs 1

Rust implementation of csvdiff cli tool

tsathishkumar/Lisp.rb 1

Lisp interpreter in Ruby

tsathishkumar/PersonalizedDiscounts 1

Personalized Discounts

tsathishkumar/wasm-game-of-life 1

Tutorial from Rust Wasm book, and some additional changes and added javascript implementation for comparison

created repositorybalajisivaraman/aoc2020-rust

Advent of Code 2020 Solutions in Rust

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created repositorybalajisivaraman/aoc2020-go

Advent of Code 2020 Solutions in Go Lang

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fork tirkarthi/Vieux

Vieux - A tool for 32/64 Bit iOS downgrades using OTA Blobs

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created repositorylivingston/dotfiles

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created repositorynode-red/node-red-learn

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fork tirkarthi/frappe

Low Code Open Source Framework in Python and JS

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created repositoryvaradharajan/aws-firelens-fluentbit-custom-image

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fork alexcrichton/wat-numeric-values

Proposal to add numeric values to data segment definitions in the text format

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push eventTWChennai/geeknight

Monica Rajendran

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Add November 83rd edition

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Monica Rajendran

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changes in november month html file

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Correcting zoom link

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created repositorykaruppiah7890/dto-validation-demo

A demo of DTO validation and testing the same

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fork tirkarthi/censys-subdomain-finder

⚡ Perform subdomain enumeration using the certificate transparency logs from Censys.

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fork tirkarthi/pydal

A pure Python Database Abstraction Layer

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fork tirkarthi/firenado

Web Framework that extends Tornado Web adding new features to the original framework.

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fork tirkarthi/routersploit

Exploitation Framework for Embedded Devices

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fork tirkarthi/boltons

🔩 Like builtins, but boltons. 250+ constructs, recipes, and snippets which extend (and rely on nothing but) the Python standard library. Nothing like Michael Bolton.

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created repositoryselvakn/TuyaLoraRelay

Arduino based tuya lora relay

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created repositoryselvakn/TuyaLoraGateway

Arduino based tuya lora gateway, can work with tasmota

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