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Trek Glowacki trek Flash Recruit Chicago, IL I helped start @workantile, couponed at @groupon, now doing some startup thing. @emberjs core team emeritus. @paulirish once called me a hero

tildeio/rsvp.js 3634

A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous code

tildeio/htmlbars 1628

A variant of Handlebars that emits DOM and allows you to write helpers that manipulate live DOM nodes

ebryn/ember-model 532

A lightweight model library for Ember.js

tildeio/route-recognizer 442

A lightweight JavaScript library that matches paths against registered routes. It includes support for dynamic and star segments and nested handlers.

BackburnerJS/backburner.js 396

A rewrite of the Ember.js run loop as a generic microlibrary

tildeio/simple-html-tokenizer 81

A lightweight JavaScript library for tokenizing non-`<script>` HTML expected to be found in the `<body>` of a document

krisselden/dag-map 53

A topologically ordered map of key/value pairs with a simple API for adding constraints.

backtik/redshift 33

Redshift is Red's DOM scripting library.

backtik/red 25

Red writes like Ruby and runs like JavaScript.

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Trek Glowacki

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Update to newer rack

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