R. Tony Goold tonygoold @Wattpad Toronto, ON Principal Engineer at @Wattpad

tonygoold/ObjClang 2

Objective-C wrapper around the Clang C API

tonygoold/JSONSchema 1

Library for defining JSON schemas and validating data against them

tonygoold/AoC2018 0

Advent of Code 2018

tonygoold/AoC2019 0

Advent of Code 2019

tonygoold/arcempire 0

Learn ARC Pitfalls

tonygoold/Bomb-Broom 0

A Minesweeper clone for iOS written in Swift.

tonygoold/codecov-bash 0

Global coverage report uploader for Codecov

tonygoold/ComputerSim 0

A basic computer simulator web application

tonygoold/DynamoDbExportCsv 0

A utility to export DyanmoDb tables to csv files

tonygoold/MinervaPlus 0

An in-memory hashtable that loads gzipped CSV files.


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