outofjungle/knife-opc 0

Knife plugin for managing Opscode Private Chef Organizations

tony-yang/arduino-large-motor-driver 0

Experiment with driving high power DC motor using the Arduino

tony-yang/baremetal-init 0

Initialize a new dev or prod box with essential tools to start project development and deployment

tony-yang/bazel 0

a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system

tony-yang/chinese-medicine-supplier 0

A simple spider for collecting Chinese medicine suppliers

tony-yang/docker-openvpn 0

A docker image for running the OpenVPN server

tony-yang/drbd 0

Cookbook to setup DRBD in two vagrant nodes

tony-yang/e-cached 0

An experimental in-memory cache db

tony-yang/e-libgit 0

Experimental git core implementation for fun

tony-yang/eos-dev 0

The eOS development environment