tonich-sh/rethinkdb-twisted 1

Twisted connector for the RethinkDB's python driver

tonich-sh/cfman 0

Yet another configuration management and deploy tool

tonich-sh/ldaptor 0

LDAP server, client and utilities, using Twisted Python

tonich-sh/persistent 0

automatic persistence for Python objects

tonich-sh/pjpersist 0

Postgres Persistence Backend

tonich-sh/python-language-server 0

An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Python

tonich-sh/relief 0

Python library for datastructure validation.

tonich-sh/twinkle 0

Qt 5 port of Twinkle

tonich-sh/virt-manager 0

Desktop tool for managing virtual machines via libvirt

tonich-sh/zope.wfmc 0

Workflow-Management Coalition Workflow Engine

push eventtonich-sh/cfman

Anton Schur

commit sha a35839ac6ca999ee54f3178194d4a4bd2c58d356

fixed stderr/stdout decode error

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push eventtonich-sh/cfman

Anton Schur

commit sha dc3f86e23d6668f12ea5f3b5f452f8840ffcf903

Remote context recognizes a timeout parameter

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