Tom Gallacher tomgco Apple London 🏎️🛣️🚴👨‍💻🍺. Linux performance privateer & DevOps extraordinaire, Often seen happily writing code without any knowledge of his surroundings. @YLDio

serby/maiden 14

A build tool for php

tomgco/Arduino_Helicopter 11

A Syma 107 Helicopter controlled by a Arduino.

tomgco/ArduinoCopterS107 6

A Controller for my Arduino Helicopter Project

serby/DefaultPhingBuild 3

Deployment and general build tool

tomgco/.vim 2

My vim config

tomgco/Android-SDK-Runner 2

Injects items into the emulated android device

tomgco/bacon 2

The Bacon Programming Language

lukebond/paz-service-directory-cli 1

CLI for the paz service directory

tomgco/aws-okta 1

aws-vault like tool for Okta authentication

tomgco/Back-Row 1

iTunes Library Fun.


started time in 3 months