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tomcool420/SMFramework 62

Conveniences classes from AppleTV

b0bben/Plex-ATV-Plugin 35

A very basic plugin for the 2nd Generation AppleTV

tomcool420/Screencapture 16

Screencapture for iOS devices (TV2, iphone, ipad)

tomcool420/ATV2Includes 11

Headers of ATV2

tomcool420/MainMenuWeather 3

Weather on the Main menu

tomcool420/Overflow 3

ATV Categories lookalike

tomcool420/ScreenSaver-Settings 3

Custom Settings for the TV Screensaver

tomcool420/beigelist 2

We all float down here.

tomcool420/Seatbelt-Toggler 2

Toggles Lockdown on the AppleTV