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Tom Meyer tom-meyer Freelance Software Consultant

tom-meyer/pairist 1

A tool for developer pairing

spacecookies1868/frc2019-gradle 0

gradle files for spacecookies1868

tom-meyer/automatic-chainsaw 0

Experiment with Jenkins Pipelines

tom-meyer/gpdb 0

Greenplum Database

tom-meyer/halp 0

Notes to remind me what I know

tom-meyer/ici-bug-free-engine 0

Do stuff with thingies

tom-meyer/ici-fictional-giggle 0

Oh, to be Prince Caspian afloat upon the waves

tom-meyer/ici-literate-chainsaw 0

Make some Pythonic creatures

tom-meyer/ici-probable-bassoon 0

Absurd in the (ab)?sen[cs]e

push eventtom-meyer/halp

Tom Meyer

commit sha 52bd02a979680bf48d264915f9ee85bf42d73025

vim: better MatchParen highlighting

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push time in 11 days

fork tom-meyer/jupyterlab-s3-browser

A JupyterLab extension for browsing S3-compatible object storage

fork in 2 months

push eventtom-meyer/halp

Tom Meyer

commit sha 4ccb475d09732229071e93b251a723c309a78d90

git: exclude stash for git lol

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push time in 2 months