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tmlee/awesome-lightning-network 25

A curated list of awesome things related to the Lightning Network protocol, that is/will be supported by Bitcoin & Litecoin

tmlee/browser_detect 4


tmlee/cryptocoincharts_api 4

Cryptocoincharts API Ruby wrapper for

coingecko/coingecko-gsheet-addon 1

Documentation for the CoinGecko formula on Google Sheet

shingjay/dealchan 1

Project name codechan.

tmlee/crystal-pinyin 1

Chinese Character Pinyin Conversion Tool written in Crystal Language

su-squares/update-script 0

The batch job to load blockchain data, generate images, and load into

tmlee/activeadmin-globalize 0

Provides translation UI for ActiveAdmin and Globalize gems

tmlee/alexa 0

Alexa Web Information Service

PR opened graphprotocol/mission-control-curator

Order entertainment subcategory in alphabet order

What this PR does?

I noticed all categories and subcategories are ordered in alphabetical ascending except for Entertainment. This PR updates the entertainment subs

Proposing to maintain all categories in alphabetical order for easier scanning and lookup for what categories are on/off the list

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delete branch tmlee/mission-control-curator

delete branch : reorder-entertainment-subcategories-by-alphabetical-order

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PR opened Uniswap/uniswap-interface

Replace CoinGecko tokens list with all.json

Based on

This PR proposes to replace the CoinGecko tokens list with the all.json which is more up to date and complete than the initial version

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create barnchtmlee/uniswap-interface

branch : replace-coingecko-token-list

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fork tmlee/uniswap-interface

🦄 An open source interface for the Uniswap protocol

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issue commentGiveth/giveth-dapp

Update our Oracle Service to use coingecko instead of Cryptocompare

For hourly rates, do check out the /coins/{id}/market_chart endpoint in the docs

Minutely data will be used for duration within 1 day, Hourly data will be used for duration between 1 day and 90 days, Daily data will be used for duration above 90 days.

Let me know if that helps!


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Pull request review commentcoingecko/cryptoformat

Add Decimal Places and Significant Figures parameters

 export function formatCurrency(   isoCode: string,   locale: string,   raw: boolean,-  noDecimal: boolean+  noDecimal: boolean | noDecimalObject

proposed improvement for clarity

rename this argument to decimalConfig ?

and below the object instead of dp and sf, we can name them in full such as decimal_places and significant_figures ?



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issue openeddiadata-org/diadata

CoinGecko data scraper

CoinGecko provides market data via an API with the documentation here

I think it makes sense for these market data to be served on the DIA platform to be consumed by other smart contracts.

Looking at the readme here it seems like might be useful to look at in order to get started for DIA.

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