ouzi-dev/avro-kedavro 2

Go library to magically turn json in json-avro

plie/jenee-google-place-search-api 0

Create Short links

timhanus/buffalo-auth 0

Buffalo auth plugin helps adding username password authentication to your app

timhanus/jinja2 0

The Jinja2 template engine

timhanus/kweb-docs 0

Readthedocs documentation for kweb

timhanus/liquid 0

A complete Liquid template engine in Go

timhanus/mrjob 0

Run MapReduce jobs on Hadoop or Amazon Web Services

timhanus/Python-ContextIO 0

Context.IO Python library

timhanus/rails-open-in-app 0

Adds support to redirect specific URLs to their mobile app equivalents

timhanus/reapp 0

Make hybrid mobile apps with power