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thovo/prologame 2

Prolog game for our AI Project

ahmedadelhassan/CharacterRecognition 1

A simple project to demonstrate and compare different techniques of machine learning for character (currenlty only digits) recognition.

thovo/angular-seed 0

Seed project for angular apps.

thovo/codewars 0

This repository will be place with my answers and my thought when I am trying to solve Kata from Codewars

thovo/FlexToHTML5 0

Convert automatically Flex mxml files into HTML5 files

thovo/ 0

Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.

issue openedchartjs/Chart.js

Chart.Scale not exist in typeof Chart

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I'm reading this page about adding a custom scale into ChartJS, I tried to do it but with no luck, I received an error like: Scale not exist on typeof Chart. Read types/chart.js confirms that Scale didn't exist on Chart. I am working on an Angular project with heavily used ChartJS, I tried to upgrade to latest version of ChartJS, and types/chart.js (2.9.3) but it didn't work either

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Can you please check and update the documentation how to add custom scale?



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