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Karolina thefoxis @calibreapp Product Design Lead @calibreapp.

thefoxis/html-boilerplate 66

Basic HTML template for websites and apps.

thefoxis/skeletor.css 33

A basic, down-to-earth Stylus boilerplate for building websites and apps

thefoxis/postcss-npm-boilerplate 17

A straightforward boilerplate for using the PostCSS ecosystem via npm scripts.

cssconf/ 12

The home of the CSSconf event family

thefoxis/bulletin-newsletter 3

A template for a personal newsletter; The Bulletin.

junosuarez/ 1

iceland 2015 05 01 be there or fuq u

maxogden/tenconf 1

frontend code for the @tenconf internet website

thefoxis/image-actions 1

A Github Action that will automatically compress images with mozjpeg

thefoxis/inclusive-events 1

A list of conferences actively working on promoting event safety, inclusivity and diversity.

created repositorydaneden/Emery

💅 A simple app for previewing nail art

created time in 13 hours

created repositorybenschwarz/benschwarz

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started time in 3 days


started time in 3 days


started time in 4 days

created repositorybrianleroux/t2

Begin app

created time in 5 days

fork paulirish/pledgejs

pledge.js shows how much you have been contributing to shared documents

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started time in 6 days


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fork Wilto/11ty-website

Documentation site for the Eleventy static site generator.

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created repositorybrianleroux/formsss

Begin app

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started time in 10 days

created repositoryremy/next-marbles-server

Begin app

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created repositoryremy/marbles

Begin app

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created repositorybrianleroux/tttt1

Begin app

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created repositorydaneden/rando

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fork operatorjen/languagecrunch

LanguageCrunch NLP server docker image

fork in 13 days

created repositoryremy/z80-code-conventions

created time in 14 days

created repositoryremy/next-httpbank

Send and recieve http requests into banks - for the Spectrum Next

created time in 14 days


started time in 15 days