Mark R. Rubin thanks4opensource C++, Python, computer graphics, embedded firmware, user interfaces. And no anchovies.

thanks4opensource/NotLinuxAjazzAK33RGB 23

Not a Linux utility for the AJAZZ AK33 RGB keyboard

thanks4opensource/papoon_usb 4

"Not Insane" USB library for STM32F103xx MCUs

thanks4opensource/regbits 2

C++ templates for type-safe bit manipulation

thanks4opensource/regbits_stm 2

regbits implementations for STM MCUs

thanks4opensource/dotlinks 0

Multi-computer symlinks for *NIX "dot" configuration files

thanks4opensource/markoplexing 0

ghostless N*(N-1) charlieplex switch encoding

thanks4opensource/tri2b-quad4me 0

tri2b and quad4me: clockless arbitrated bit-level serial protocols