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tfossoul/odoo 1

Odoo (formerly OpenERP). Open Source Business Apps.

haulogy/oca-server-tools 0

Tools for Odoo Administrators to improve some technical features on Odoo.

haulogy/odoo-dev 0

RD Dev Repository

haulogy/project 0

Odoo Project Management and Services Company Addons

haulogy/web 0

Odoo web client UI related addons

tfossoul/account-analytic 0

Odoo Account Analytic Related Addons

tfossoul/bitfinex 0

A Python client for the Bitfinex API

tfossoul/brand 0

Manage brands for products and companies

tfossoul/doodba 0

Base image for making the creation of customized Odoo environments a piece of cake

tfossoul/fullcalendar 0

Full-sized drag & drop event calendar (jQuery plugin)

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Asynchronous Job Queue

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commit sha 7199b8d1d5002cb27924dc81b30cc004a55ad858

Update project_status/i18n/fr.po Co-authored-by: Denis Leemann <>

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commit sha c128bba4a8a80fe8bd39df57447f6b3ae4b5e8c4

Update project_status/i18n/fr.po Co-authored-by: Denis Leemann <>

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Raphael Collet

commit sha d3244a0ef611f47ed4b6d8b75297419c9fbe5a43

[FIX] core: reintroduce model dependencies Make sure that model dependencies are flushed before searching with a given domain. This fixes inconsistencies in `search` and `read_group`. closes odoo/odoo#56948 Signed-off-by: Raphael Collet (rco) <>

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Jérémy Hennecart

commit sha c2747c60161c66f9c77feae884fd101edb693d80

[FIX] survey: fix trophy background certif in safari Fix weird behavior between linear-gradient and background-size with safari, if we don't set the value for linear-gradient. task-2334731 closes odoo/odoo#58292 Signed-off-by: Thibault Delavallee (tde) <>

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Nasreddin (bon)

commit sha d9786057aef34ada51bc0faa310acf7875e46989

[FIX] account: Missing "Close Statement" button on reconciliation. Issue - Install "Accounting" module - In Accounting Dashboard, click on "New Transactions" under Cash card - Add a line with any label and amount - Click on Reconcile - Under "Manual Operations" tab, select any account and Validate Rainbowman shows but with "Close Statement" button missing. Cause Context active_model '' is overided by 'account.journal'. Solution Remove override of 'active_model' in context. If a 'journal_id' is set, then do rpc read with 'account.journal' as model. If the 'active_model' is 'account.journal' and there is an 'active_id' in the context, then set 'active_id' to journal_id if not already set. Related FIX : opw-2339526 closes odoo/odoo#58492 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Lempereur (nle) <>

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Christophe Monniez

commit sha a330ee098427bbc4f5e82183777f772fba8dc19b

[FIX] web: skip map views and increase timeout in click_all During the click_everywhere test, the map views are tested but leads to random failures when the view takes too long to load. Moreover, the map resources are queried on external servers. This could lead in the test runner being black-listed by nominatim and more indeterminism as those servers are not under our control. For those reasons, this commit will skip the map views in the click_everywhere test. Also, the general time limit is increased. Five seconds was sometimes too short, depending on external conditions (e.g.: server load or screencast enabled). Finally, on a database with all apps installed, the `Settings` menu of some apps loads the full settings and it can takes a huge amount of time to load on a clean browser (as in the tests). For that reason, the time limit for the test of those menus was also increased. closes odoo/odoo#58520 Signed-off-by: Xavier Dollé (xdo) <>

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Odoo Translation Bot

commit sha 422f7f4a9c4d5ad60c63c6d20c9bf8ddda9a3966

[I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex

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Robin Heinz

commit sha eb534d078dcdf58aedf09131dd57c8f6da69a910

[FIX] point_of_sale: Correct the return payment date When registering payment, we display now the date + time instead just the date. closes odoo/odoo#58037 Signed-off-by: pimodoo <>

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Goffin Simon

commit sha 0eae213d6c8a656ab2c045995e1f0643ff65df51

[FIX] sale, sale_prodcut_matrix: Default customer Lead Time not set with Order Grid Entry Steps to reproduce the bug: - Let's consider a product P with three variants red, yellow and blue - Let's set a customer lead time on P = 10 days - Set Order Grid Entry on P - Create a quotation Q and add P - In the grid entry matrix add 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 blue Bug: The customer lead time of these three variants were not set on the lines. opw:2337049 closes odoo/odoo#58433 Signed-off-by: Simon Goffin (sig) <>

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Jérémy Hennecart

commit sha 97a43dde99835d4e3c4daf7e3e0b46342af46ab9

[FIX] website: fix margin website_visitor Fix margin for kanban view that was displaying a horizontal scrollbar. task-2346202 closes odoo/odoo#58499 Signed-off-by: Thibault Delavallee (tde) <>

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Martin Trigaux

commit sha 698336cbcfdefd78728901edeb365febe0b8cb77

[IMP] doc: specify the minimum version of PostgreSQL Specify 10.0 as present in both the latest LTS versions of Debian and Ubuntu (Debian Buster=11.0, Ubuntu Bionic=10.0) Update link to point to a URL to be more "official" Fixes odoo/odoo#34226 closes odoo/odoo#58554 Signed-off-by: Martin Trigaux (mat) <>

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Mohammed Alhalwachi

commit sha e6249992b33b42edf191772dba4c406cbfcd7005

[CLA] Signature for jidd6 closes odoo/odoo#58084 Signed-off-by: Martin Trigaux (mat) <>

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Aurélien (avd)

commit sha 77d4ba222630fa0f97351186782d09d2ec59a42a

[FIX] crm: correctly set default_partner_id when creating opportunities from contact form view This commit fixes a missing default_partner_id in context of 'Opportunities' stat button on contact form. It allows to immediately link a new opportunity to the contact we came from. Task ID-2343221 closes odoo/odoo#58229 Signed-off-by: Thibault Delavallee (tde) <>

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commit sha ee8cd9952736d9ea57609e218e3479963785a78d

[FIX] web_editor: restore background and foreground color previews closes odoo/odoo#58690 Signed-off-by: Quentin Smetz (qsm) <>

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Rémi Rahir

commit sha a4d81bf754c154216c24756e19908904954f4305

[FIX] crm_iap_lead_enrich: improve iap calls robustness In its current state, the code contacting the iap service was prone to fail in case of huge batches of leads being processed due to 2 factors: - the call could timeout; - any processed lead that was modified somewhere else in the meantime would trigger a serialization failure and ultimately make the whole batch fail. This commit ensures that we process the leads by smaller batches and that we avoid serialization failures by acquiring a lock on the current batch. We now also avoid useless calls to iap when an email address is linked to well-known email providers to alleviate the payload and speed up the server's reponse. closes odoo/odoo#58533 Signed-off-by: Rémi Rahir (rar) <>

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Dhruv Patel

commit sha 811edc466edbe9fc4b22e6f140cb5601612404f1

[FIX] mail: activities without summary added display false in export Currently, activities having blank summary field exported in xls or csv display False. Instead of that, need to display the activity type like Email, To Do, Call, Meeting, etc. as its display in the list view. With this commit, if the activity type has summary then it will display summary value otherwise it will display the activity type name if summary is not added. Task : 2254851 closes odoo/odoo#58654 X-original-commit: 006613735a55fe8a5b8bcc65ccaa9255b3bfd46c Signed-off-by: Sébastien Theys (seb) <>

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Thierry Ducrest

commit sha b61e5b5de4970a2a936d223f275234b72d146222

[CLA] Add tdu to camptocamp cla closes odoo/odoo#57948 Signed-off-by: Martin Trigaux (mat) <>

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Jorge Luis Quinteros

commit sha 80073c5430f0ab562dfc27572c108114161ebb25

[CLA] signature for JorgeQuinteros closes odoo/odoo#58706 X-original-commit: 98c006e5c78bf7b31703846d3cf602da84e83a76 Signed-off-by: Martin Trigaux (mat) <>

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commit sha a8cb235bda1120c85981835e613105a55cd771f8

[CLA] signature for LuisMalave2001 closes odoo/odoo#58783 X-original-commit: 5c771f5dc52eb1f18ae032b44d96c7bd94f96c9e Signed-off-by: Martin Trigaux (mat) <>

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Wolfgang Taferner

commit sha e9e6e17f0ca02ac126c0ebbbceba116cbf06f24b

[FIX] account: wrong implementation of journal account check In case we have an account type which is allowed it is not needed to check the account allowed as it would fail although the account type is allowed before, so we need to do the check correctly as it was done in previous versions. closes odoo/odoo#58132 Signed-off-by: oco-odoo <>

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Goffin Simon

commit sha 2b674478ad50ca6c6caffb9a6efc69e265571508

[FIX] base_address_extended: Wrong street format Steps to reproduce the bug: - Create a german contact C with street1 = 'Istanbulstraße 22-26' - Install base_address_extended - Go to C and edit it Bug: 'Istanbulstraße' was displayed in the number of the street PS: A post init hook is needed otherwise the default street_format '%(street_number)s/%(street_number2)s %(street_name)s' was always used. opw:2320385 closes odoo/odoo#58800 Signed-off-by: Simon Goffin (sig) <>

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Denis Ledoux

commit sha 084d06a5892ab2723d02dc29f0e62377c554efac

[FIX] google_calendar: user-friendly error message on synchronisation fail Give a chance to the user to solve the issue by himself when the Google synchronization is failing, by displaying the actual error returned by Google regarding the error. The case of the OPW behind this revision is the synchronisation from odoo to google calendar of an event with an attendee having an invalid email address. In such a case, Google returns the meaningful error: "Invalid attendee email". We better pass this information to the user, along with the event causing the trouble, so he gets a chance to solve the issue by himself. I take into account the revision 67c281c6a861315ef93d84ac60c09c0520c38180 Multiple attempts have been done by Julien to solve this issue genericly, by catching the error and raising an `UserError` in the helper `_do_request` directly, but this caused various issues for methods expecting `_do_request` to return `HTTPError`, which suddenly returned `UserError` instead. I therefore chose to catch the error directly in `create_an_event`, which is only called at one place, and this place doesn't expect to catch `HTTPError` exceptions. (no `try...except...`) opw-2334442 closes odoo/odoo#58796 X-original-commit: 8e5fbca51771d1b19019df29a7bd145e26fa7676 Signed-off-by: Denis Ledoux (dle) <>

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