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tesuji D28DBB1A0E26FEDA Gonna rest for a long time. Please pick up my PRs if I don't respond in a month.

tesuji/9cc 0

A Small C Compiler

tesuji/acpitool 0

Mirror and changes from Ubuntu acpitool source package

tesuji/advisory-db 0

Security advisory database for Rust crates published through

tesuji/alex-rustc-demangle 0

Rust symbol demangling

tesuji/api-guidelines 0

Rust API guidelines

tesuji/backtrace-rs 0

Backtraces in Rust

tesuji/bat 0

A cat(1) clone with wings.

tesuji/bench-rust-float-integral 0

Benchmark between different methods to know a f64 value is also an integer

tesuji/ 0

The Rust Programming Language Blog