tenglongroy/Assignment_9336 2

android energy harvest assignment of COMP9336 in UNSW, just simply collecting data

kingshark8848/energyRace 1

govhack 2016

tenglongroy/Image-Gallery-Plugin 1

a plugin to show a set of images.

tenglongroy/8puzzle 0

sort it as 123456780

tenglongroy/Activity-Register-V2 0

This is a revamp of my first Python Flask project (named as activity_register in my Github), whose interface is rebuilt by applying Material Design style guideline and using its framework, also improved the interface using Ajax and refined the functionalities of MySQL database.

tenglongroy/Endtalk 0

1on1 anonymous random online chat

tenglongroy/hard-drive-browser 0

act like file manager, but show on website, so to let intranet to access the images or videos or documents

tenglongroy/Localization_9335 0

Indoor localization using wifi fingerprinting

tenglongroy/material-ui 0

React components for faster and easier web development. Build your own design system, or start with Material Design.