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Andrey Platonov tears-of-noobs Moscow

tears-of-noobs/batrak 11

Console tool for managment Jira issues

tears-of-noobs/gojira 6

Simple Atlassian JIRA API client implementation

tears-of-noobs/consul-template-plugin-system-information 1

Plugin for consul-template to obtain any kind of system information like hostname, kernel version, etc.

tears-of-noobs/linux-apparmor-patchset 1

Patchset for ArchLinux stock kernel for enable AppArmor

tears-of-noobs/arch-apparmor 0

AppArmor Arch Linux packages that are works

tears-of-noobs/bytefmt 0

Golang library to convert human representation values of disk space, RAM size, etc. to bytes (float64) and back.

tears-of-noobs/cadvisor 0

Analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers.

tears-of-noobs/concourse-bin 0

Concourse in a single binary

tears-of-noobs/consul 0

Consul is a distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure.

tears-of-noobs/consul-k8s 0

First-class support for Consul and Kubernetes. Run Consul on Kubernetes, integrate Connect, sync services, and more.