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Andrey Platonov tears-of-noobs Moscow

tears-of-noobs/batrak 11

Console tool for managment Jira issues

tears-of-noobs/gojira 6

Simple Atlassian JIRA API client implementation

tears-of-noobs/consul-template-plugin-system-information 1

Plugin for consul-template to obtain any kind of system information like hostname, kernel version, etc.

tears-of-noobs/linux-apparmor-patchset 1

Patchset for ArchLinux stock kernel for enable AppArmor

tears-of-noobs/arch-apparmor 0

AppArmor Arch Linux packages that are works

tears-of-noobs/bytefmt 0

Golang library to convert human representation values of disk space, RAM size, etc. to bytes (float64) and back.

tears-of-noobs/cadvisor 0

Analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers.

tears-of-noobs/concourse-bin 0

Concourse in a single binary

tears-of-noobs/consul 0

Consul is a distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure.

PR opened 17e/tarantool-base58

fix headers path in source file and refresh README

Seems that Lua headers not supposed to distributed from tarantool sources so needs to provide an include path oh the installed header files of Lua or LuaJIT.

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create barnchtears-of-noobs/tarantool-base58

branch : fix-lua-deps

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fork tears-of-noobs/tarantool-base58

base58 encode/decode subroutines for tarantool 1.5

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fork tears-of-noobs/kubernetes-the-hard-way

Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Google Cloud Platform. No scripts.

fork in 2 months