Tomasz Czajęcki tchayen Stockholm, Sweden React (Native) dev. SECCLO student at @KTH @AaltoUniversity. He/him.

satya164/react-simple-code-editor 989

Simple no-frills code editor with syntax highlighting

tchayen/markdown-links 179

Command that displays a graph of local links between markdown files

tchayen/nested-dnd 52

Proof of concept for doing a nested drag and drop in React

tchayen/2d-opengl-rendering 30

Minimal, fast OpenGL renderer for 2D sprites

osdnk/appjs-workshop 10

Enhancing user experience with high-performance Gestures & Animations

tchayen/infinite-scribbles 6

Simple handwritten notes web editor with infinite canvas. Made with graphics tablets in mind. 🚧 WIP 🚧

aleqsio/Terrain 4

A shared repository for CAD/CAE graph transformations

tchayen/mini-md 4

Tiny Markdown editor with preview and prettier functionality

tchayen/comf 3

C++ 14 OpenGL Mini Framework


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issue commenttchayen/markdown-links

Generated graph is chaotic

I think it wasn't available or at least I wasn't aware of it when I created markdown-links. Now it would make sense to rewrite implementation here to use something similar.

I don't have enough time recently to go through the rewrite but if you are interested in doing it in any extent – I am happy to help with any tips I can give.


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