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Tommy Murphy tam7t @google New York, NY this is my bio. there are many like it, but this one is mine.

tam7t/droplan 73

Manage iptable rules for the private interface on DigitalOcean droplets

tam7t/hpkp 72

golang hpkp client library

GoogleCloudPlatform/secrets-store-csi-driver-provider-gcp 40

Google Secret Manager provider for the Secret Store CSI Driver.

tam7t/cautious-pancake 24

github generated the repo name for me

google/go-metrics-stackdriver 16

This library provides a stackdriver sink for applications instrumented with the go-metrics library

tam7t/github-commit-watch 3

Monitor github commits for secrets

tam7t/hsts 2

golang hsts client library

tam7t/do-terraform-vault 1

A simple terraform setup for bootstrapping a vault cluster on DigitalOcean.

tam7t/haproxy-dockerfile 1

haproxy docker image built with binary hardening & libressl

fork protochron/rtl8814au

Realtek rtl8814au driver

fork in 19 hours

created repositoryronin-rb/ronin-repos

A ronin library for managing repositories

created time in a day


started time in a day


started time in a day

created repositoryronin-rb/ronin-agent-node

A ronin agent for node.js

created time in 2 days

created repositoryronin-rb/ronin-agent-php

A ronin agent for PHP

created time in 2 days

fork aybabtme/tfk8s

A tool for converting Kubernetes YAML manifests to Terraform HCL

fork in 3 days


started time in 3 days

fork postmodern/yard

YARD is a Ruby Documentation tool. The Y stands for "Yay!"

fork in 3 days

fork fatih/client_golang

Prometheus instrumentation library for Go applications

fork in 4 days

created repositoryaybabtme/docker-caddy-auth-portal

Docker image for Caddy built with caddy-auth-portal

created time in 4 days


started time in 5 days


started time in 5 days


started time in 5 days


started time in 5 days

fork postmodern/RubyFu

Rubyfu, where Ruby goes evil!

fork in 5 days


started time in 7 days


started time in 8 days

fork postmodern/thor

Thor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.

fork in 9 days


started time in 10 days



started time in 11 days

fork fatih/twirp-serverhook-prometheus

Twirp server hooks to send metrics to Prometheus

fork in 11 days


started time in 12 days

created repositoryfogleman/CurveMesh

created time in 12 days


started time in 12 days


started time in 12 days


started time in 12 days


started time in 13 days


started time in 13 days