sushihangover/CursesSharp 141

Curses Sharp is a ncurses terminal control library binding for C#.

sushihangover/CorFlags 5

Cross Platform CorFlags Conversion Tool

sushihangover/android-proguard-snippets 1

Proguard configurations for common Android libraries

sushihangover/android_guides 1

Extensive Open-Source Guides for Android Developers

sushihangover/as3-commons 1

Automatically exported from

sushihangover/Cake.AppleSimulator 1

Cake Build addin for managing (simctl) Apple iOS/watchOS/appleTV simulators

sushihangover/ffmpeg-android 1

FFmpeg for Android compiled with x264, libass, fontconfig, freetype, fribidi and lame (Supports Android 4.1+)

sushihangover/actionscript-oauth2 0

An ActionScript 3 library for interfacing with OAuth 2.0 services.

sushihangover/Alternativa3D 0

Alternativa3D Flash GPU accelerated 3D engine

sushihangover/Alternativa3DExamples 0

Examples for Alternativa3D Flash 3D engine


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