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Suharsh Sivakumar suharshs Santa Clara, CA

rishibajekal/facebook-mood-graphs 5

A web-application to detect your mood over time and other parameters based on your Facebook data. Created in 24-hours for UIUC Facebook Hackathon 2012.

suharshs/piazzaapi 4

Python api to access and post data from piazza.

suharshs/bindibot 3

A classifier that attempts to correctly answer piazza questions based on historical course data.

suharshs/giraph 3

An incomplete javascript graph library geared towards educational use.

rishibajekal/fitquo 2

UIUC CS411 Fall 2012 - Database Systems

irtefa/skoop 1

Extensible search visualizer (ESV).

rishibajekal/drimp 1

A place to share why you're drinking what you're drinking...

suharshs/fingerpaint 1

make your fingers do things you never thought they could

suharshs/models 1

Models and examples built with TensorFlow

suharshs/spoilerplate 1

A simple chrome extension that hides facebook posts that spoil the plot of Breaking Bad! Eventually will expand to user defined shows.