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Sudhakar Rayavaram su-docker @tarkalabs Chennai

shyam/openlibrary 3

the openlibrary project

prasann/MultiChoice 2

SMS Based Android Application

nitropopcorn/Information-Radiator 1

A quick and easy to configure Information Radiator for largish displays.

su-docker/ContactLens 1

Contact Lens Timer

su-docker/LoanTracker 1

App to enhance faster loan closing capabilities

created repositoryAgarwalConsulting/gcp-training

created time in 7 days


created repositoryalgogrit/presentation-why-rust

Presentation for Why Rust

created time in a month

created repositoryalgogrit/presentation-rust-fundamentals

Presentation for Rust Fundamentals

created time in a month

release nsriram/VaccineAvailability


released time in a month

fork msomu/uamp

A sample audio app for Android

fork in a month

release nsriram/VaccineAvailability


released time in a month

created repositoryAgarwalConsulting/NWVirt-Training

created time in a month


started time in a month

release nsriram/VaccineAvailability


released time in a month


started time in a month


fork algogrit/rustlings

:crab: Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!

fork in 2 months


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months

release cloudflare/cfssl


cfssl-bundle_darwin-386 5.17MB

cfssl-bundle_darwin-amd64 6.54MB

cfssl-bundle_linux-386 5.16MB

cfssl-bundle_linux-amd64 6.52MB

cfssl-bundle_linux-arm 5.20MB

cfssl-bundle_windows-386.exe 5.17MB

cfssl-bundle_windows-amd64.exe 6.50MB

cfssl-certinfo_darwin-386 4.98MB

cfssl-certinfo_darwin-amd64 6.32MB

cfssl-certinfo_linux-386 4.97MB

cfssl-certinfo_linux-amd64 6.29MB

cfssl-certinfo_linux-arm 5.01MB

cfssl-certinfo_windows-386.exe 4.99MB

cfssl-certinfo_windows-amd64.exe 6.27MB

cfssl-newkey_darwin-386 5.49MB

cfssl-newkey_darwin-amd64 6.94MB

cfssl-newkey_linux-386 5.48MB

cfssl-newkey_linux-amd64 6.91MB

cfssl-newkey_linux-arm 5.51MB

cfssl-newkey_windows-386.exe 5.50MB

cfssl-newkey_windows-amd64.exe 6.90MB

cfssl-scan_darwin-386 5.74MB

cfssl-scan_darwin-amd64 7.27MB

cfssl-scan_linux-386 5.74MB

cfssl-scan_linux-amd64 7.25MB

cfssl-scan_linux-arm 5.77MB

cfssl-scan_windows-386.exe 5.77MB

cfssl-scan_windows-amd64.exe 7.24MB

cfssljson_darwin-386 1.71MB

cfssljson_darwin-amd64 2.13MB

cfssljson_linux-386 1.74MB

cfssljson_linux-amd64 2.17MB

cfssljson_linux-arm 1.80MB

cfssljson_windows-386.exe 1.84MB

cfssljson_windows-amd64.exe 2.27MB

cfssl_darwin-386 7.88MB

cfssl_darwin-amd64 9.89MB

cfssl_linux-386 7.90MB

cfssl_linux-amd64 9.90MB

cfssl_linux-arm 7.85MB

cfssl_windows-386.exe 7.97MB

cfssl_windows-amd64.exe 9.93MB

mkbundle_darwin-386 4.65MB

mkbundle_darwin-amd64 5.89MB

mkbundle_linux-386 4.63MB

mkbundle_linux-amd64 5.86MB

mkbundle_linux-arm 4.67MB

mkbundle_windows-386.exe 4.64MB

mkbundle_windows-amd64.exe 5.84MB

multirootca_darwin-386 6.29MB

multirootca_darwin-amd64 7.95MB

multirootca_linux-386 6.30MB

multirootca_linux-amd64 7.94MB

multirootca_linux-arm 6.31MB

multirootca_windows-386.exe 6.37MB

multirootca_windows-amd64.exe 7.98MB


released time in 2 months

fork msomu/compose-material-dialogs

A Material Dialog Builder for Jetpack Compose

fork in 2 months

created repositorynsriram/git-repo-reader

created time in 2 months

created repositoryalgogrit/presentation-navigating-a-post-pandemic-world

Presentation for Navigating a post-pandemic World

created time in 2 months


started time in 3 months


created repositoryAgarwalConsulting/emp-server-jan-2021

created time in 3 months