stormbrew stormbrew Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

stormbrew/cloudbridge 37

Daemon for zero-configuration management of a heterogeneous cluster of backend web servers and the accompanying libraries.

stormbrew/rack-jetty 14

Very simple (mostly Ruby) implementation of jetty as a pure Rack adapter.

stormbrew/channel9 6

A virtual machine (and eventually language) designed around the concept of continuations (called here Channels) as the central object type. It's a little bit crazy in pretty much every way.

stormbrew/http_parser 5

HTTP Parser Library

stormbrew/rack-bridge 5

Tools for communicating with BRIDGE-capable servers

agentdave/imgbrew-demoapp 3

Demo app using imgbrew image serving and manipulatio services

stormbrew/channel9.rb 2

Implementation of Ruby on top of the Channel9 VM (still in progress)

stormbrew/inline_routes 2

This plugin makes it possible to setup your routes inline in your controllers.

stormbrew/jaws 2

Just Another Web Server

stormbrew/merb 2

master merb branch