stefanmb/dehydrated-cloudflare-hook 2

My own shitty (yet better than anything else I've tried) version of a dns-01 hook and deploy script for dehydrated letsencrypt client

stefanmb/agent 0

The Buildkite Agent is an open-source toolkit written in Golang for securely running build jobs on any device or network

stefanmb/binutils-gdb 0

Unofficial mirror of sourceware binutils-gdb repository. Updated daily.

stefanmb/cluster-registry 0

Cluster Registry API

stefanmb/coredns 0

CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins

stefanmb/dnsblast 0

A simple and stupid load testing tool for DNS resolvers

stefanmb/kubernetes-deploy 0

A command-line tool that helps you ship changes to a Kubernetes namespace and understand the result

stefanmb/kubernetes-namespace-reservation 0

An admission webhook that prevents the creation of specified namespaces

stefanmb/nginx 0

nginx docker instance

stefanmb/node 0

✨Node.js ✨